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Preparing For The Birth of Your Stillborn Baby

If I were to sit beside that mom, the one who has just been given a diagnosis, or the one that hears “I”m sorry there is no heartbeat”, I would hug her close and tell her that she has support. I can’t tell her everything to expect. But I can tell her as much as I can possibly tell her so that ... READ the POST

Self Care During Infertility

Infertility Self Care Mindset A few points in this video about why self care is so important while struggling with infertility -self care is not just infertility TREATMENTS, but the experience of infertility overall! -It's a mindset meant to work on multiple area's of our lives, not just a set ... READ the POST

Homework in Therapy: Useful or Useless?

Therapy Homework: Boom or a Bust? If this is your first or your fifth attempt at therapy, you may walk in the door with a set of preconceived notions about how the entire process should work. Or you may have zero clue, but you have an inkling that it will at least involve talking, maybe (usually ... READ the POST